Camilla I’ve been faced with some ‘internet issues’ of late which means my post that was planned for you on Monday, comes to you on Thursday this week….I do apologise if you’ve been wondering where I’d got to! In a world where everything is usually at your fingertips and things generally happen so quickly, it really is a test of patience when you have to wait for things to work and especially when they are some-what out of your control…but eventually they do work again and things return to their usual whirlwind speed :)

I’m not sure how many of you checked out some of the amazing collections that came out of Australian Fashion week this year, but I wanted to share with you some images from my absolute favourite Aussie Designer, Camilla’s MBFW 2013 collection. Camilla Franks has in my mind, earned her status as ‘The Queen of the Kaftan’ (although these days her collections incorporate much more than just Kaftans and her label Camilla includes Swimwear, Homeware and Kids clothing also). Camilla has made the Kaftan a chic essential for any bohemian, ‘gyp-setting’ diva whether she’s hitting the beach or heading out for a swanky dinner…Kaftan’s have certainly become a staple in my wardrobe with a versatile wearability, and a way of making you feel dressed up and sexy, whilst laid back and comfortable simultaneously.

In theme with my last post ‘Eastern Influence’ Camilla’s collection was literally bursting with vibrant colours,  psychedelic prints, tribal prints, animal prints, Rajasthani-style embroidery, ethnic beading and multi coloured tassels! Wow, it was just a feast for the eyes…. The show took place in teepees erected in Sydney’s Centennial Park and the runway was lined with potted plants, cactus, bright flowers and even a Lama in the crowd to set the scene…

Here are some of my favourites….!! (p.s it’s my birthday in a few weeks, hint hint – although unfortunately we have to wait until summer 2014 to purchase this collection!!) Images taken from here and all items available to purchase from here

PACHAMAMAThanks for reading,

El Xx



Beautiful background print courtesy of society6.comAfter returning from Cambodia and Thailand just a few weeks ago, I’m finding that I am EVEN more than usually inspired by intricate Eastern embroidery, tribal prints, Rajasthani beading and a distinctly bold use of colour….and to my pleasure, it seems to be coming through in so many Spring 2013 collections. From the high-street delights of H&M, to a relatively new higher end label; Thu Thu, we seem to be seeing Eastern traditional fabrics, prints and stunning embroidery inspiration everywhere!

Thuy Duong Ngyen, the designer behind emerging label Thu Thu, was born in Vietnam but moved to Berlin, Germany at a very young age and evidently her collection draws inspiration from both Eastern and Western heritage. Thuy cleverly blends her inspiration from the two countries, by using colourful traditional fabrics from the Sapa region of Vietnam, and creates clean line, slightly ‘tough’ and ‘edgy’ clothing…not only do I LOVE this idea of merging two distinctly different styles, but Thuy also works with the native women of the Hmong Ethnic Group, helping to create work and subsequently an income for them.

I mentioned in my previous post that I had been ‘moved’ by my recent visit to Cambodia, in particular by a trip out to the floating village of Tonle Sap Lake, which lead me onto thinking about ‘giving back’ in some way…most of us complain about the smallest of things and our ‘problems’ would probably seem like blessings to many people facing severe poverty…We are so incredibly lucky and blessed and we just don’t realise it half the time, so it was great, (whilst also somewhat sad) to give myself a reality check and to see how some people are unfortunately faced with living. I haven’t quite figured out how, or in which way I plan to ‘give back’ but it’s something that has really struck me as important at this point in my life, and has been gurgling about in my mind ever since… It’s strange to have a passion and love for something that in many ways, is so fickle and unnecessary – the fashion industry generally, and to simultaneously have an inner calling to contribute something that helps others, whilst also creating a profession and income for yourself… It made me think about the comments from a few of my friends who are already designers and are on the brink of creating their own labels, but held back by their internal struggle with the question ‘does the world really need another label?’… I’m not sure where these thoughts will lead me, but it’s an interesting point to get to in your life where it seems crucial to create something that aids more than just yourself! With all this in mind, I love the way designers like Thuy Duong Ngyen of Thu Thu, are finding a way to integrate this concept of contribution into their collections, and wonder where it will lead me in my decisions!?

I’ve put together a montage of some of the pieces that I’m loving available online or in stores at the moment, focussing on the theme of ‘Eastern influence’…I think the key to rocking this look without looking like you just arrived back from 6 months backpacking around Asia, (no offence intended to those who just have but sometimes the pieces you buy abroad, are out of context back in your ‘day to day life’ if they aren’t styled well!) is to mix tribal, printed, embellished, embroidered pieces with some solid colour basics.. e.g team your ‘Eastern inspired’ pieces back with a great pair of denim shorts, or a leather skirt, or some plain colour stretch twill pants, or a khaki Jacket etc, etc..

All pieces are available from here, here, here, here and here, EASTERN INSPIRATIONOnce again, thank you so much for reading,

El Xx



As I explained in my last post, I had been suffering from a little bout of writers block whilst trying to consolidate and make sense of my travels through Thailand and Cambodia to share with you…well I am happy to say, that after spending two days going through, I kid you not, over 1500 photo’s from our trip, I have finally selected some to share with you guys…

I have to admit, I had planned to update you regularly from Thailand, but if there’s one thing I learned about back packing, (well travelled I am, but admittedly it was my first time backpacking) is that you don’t seem to have a great deal of spare time between getting from A to B, unpacking, packing, unpacking and so on!! My boyfriend and I had a running joke whilst on our travels, that we felt like we were on an episode of ‘The Amazing Race’ at times as we seemed to pack literally as much into each day as possible!!

As this was my first backpacking experience, (and I use that term lightly as really the only thing we did in ‘backpacking fashion’ was use a backpack to transport our clothes - we did not stay in a single hostel!!) I was amazed and proud to leave Malaysia with a backpack weighing in at only 14kg!!!….This has got to be a first for me, as my usual struggle is staying within the standard 25kg allowance, and I still found there were a few things in my backpack that I didn’t wear! The light weight travelling was short lived though and after our trip to Bangkok, and a mad fabric shopping frenzy, my bags, (note plural bags) weighed in total 40kg on the way home!!! Ooops, but in my defence it was predominantly filled with goodies to launch The Little Nudist Clothing within the coming months…

I won’t bore you too much with where we stayed and eat etc, but I just wanted to outline where we went in our five week trip…We started our trip in Krabi, then onto the beautiful island of Koh Jum, a few nights on Ko Lanta, then a few very loud nights on Ko Phi Phi, (where The Beach was filmed) onto Phuket where we didn’t get to see enough unfortunately, then four crazy days in Bangkok, followed by a visa run into Cambodia for a few days, (which is a country I would love to go back and see more of as the people just touched my heart – so humble and happy) and then onto Pattaya for a few days of over-indulging and then last but not least, ten whole days in one spot which was the island of Ko Chang where we booked ourselves in for a cleanse program. I won’t go into the gory details of the cleanse incase there are any squeamish readers, but if you are interested then drop me an email, and I would be happy to share more on this incredible process…

I hope you enjoy the edited down version of pictures from our Thailand and Cambodia adventures…

Thanks for reading,

El Xx

Traffic and organised chaos, an overload for the senses. People everywhere and so much to touch, see, hear and smell...four days was definitely enough but what a fabulous four days they were!!

Traffic and organised chaos, an overload for the senses. People everywhere and so much to touch, see, hear and smell…four days was definitely enough but what a fabulous four days they were!!

Just as the postcard captures, crystal clear waters, soft white sand and breathtaking sunsets...Thailand delivered it all!

Just as the postcard captures, crystal clear waters, soft white sand and breathtaking sunsets…Thailand delivered it all!

There are a few moments on any trip that touch you, and these were mine...the people of Cambodia were truly beautiful inside and out...warms the cockles :)

There are a few moments on any trip that touch you, and these were mine…the people of Cambodia were truly beautiful inside and out…warms the cockles :)

I am blessed to have been able to see one of the wonders of the world - Ankor Wat...very magical place on the planet..

I am blessed to have been able to see one of the wonders of the world – Ankor Wat…very magical place on the planet..




Hey guys and welcome back,

What have you been getting up to this Easter? Eating lots of easter treats and catching up with friends and family I hope…well from The Little Nudist to all my readers, I wanted to wish you a very Happy Easter. I must apologise for my lack of posts over the last weeks – after returning from Thailand, I’ve been struck with a severe bout of ‘writers block’…!! I think the sheer enormity of our travels through Thailand has had me overwhelmed on exactly where to start updating you with our trip….so, I decided today in order to break the silence, I would post about something completely different and perhaps just update you on Thailand in a photographic journal instead later in the week!

After checking out some of my friends awesome ‘Blues n’ Roots’ Australian Music festival pics over the Easter weekend, (which incidentally if you have never been to, and ever get the opportunity to attend, then it’s a must do) and with the infamous ‘Coachella’ festival about to take place in a few weeks time and with some of my friends heading over to the States for that, it got me onto thinking about festivals and how much fun it is dressing up in your ‘festival glad-rags’… So today’s post is a montage of Coachella and Blues n’ Roots inspired outfits… Think colourful denim shorts, maxi skirts, ankle cowboy boots, oversized slouchy singlets,  fringed suede shorts, embellished bags, printed maxi dresses, and pin-tucked 70′s white smocks and you’ve got the festival look!! Of course it’s awesome to see so many different fashion statements at a festival, but the montage I’ve put together today, are pieces that are available to purchase currently and that I would rock to a festival…hope you like?! If you are attending the Coachella festival or went to Blues n’ Roots and want to share your pics with me, then I would love to see what you or your mates wore…

Clothing taken from the following labels to create my ‘festival fever’ montage: Spell and Gypsy collective, Mister Zimi, One Teaspoon, Free People, Matthew Williamson, Mara Hoffman, Zara, VIX  swimwear and Topshop.

Thanks for reading,

El Xx


Colourful denim shorts, ankle cow boy boots, floating printed maxi's, embellished bags, tasselled suede shorts, floppy hats, maxi skirts, animal print, colour and prints!!

Colourful denim shorts, ankle cow boy boots, floating printed maxi’s, embellished bags, tasselled suede shorts, floppy hats, maxi skirts, animal print, colour and prints!!


DVF ready to wear 2013

Another season commences, another New York Fashion week rolls around. With a few more days of shows yet to come, I have to admit I’ve been somewhat disappointed with many of the collections – they just haven’t been my cup of tea I guess :( With what seems like a sea of masculine, plaid, oversize, funnel necked collections,  Diane Von Furstenberg revealed her sexy 70′s rock meets boho collection and I LOVE it!!

Still keeping true to her signature wrap dresses and bold geometric prints, Diane Von Furstenberg manages to keep her look fresh each season. I absolutely love her suede wrap dresses, and can only imagine how sexy and foxy you must feel rocking one of these with a pair of leather boots to compliment. Normally I’m not much of a fan of leopard print head to toe, but DVF makes this look look anything but tacky, instead it’s luxe and sassy simultaneously. Also loving her full length printed jumpsuits which are so 70′s glam but yet bohemian and ‘now’…I would certainly rock one of these jumpsuits come fall or in summer with flats and sunnies. Lastly I just have to mention the awesome hot pink lipstick which again, I’m normally not a fan of as it’s such a tricky lipstick colour to get right, (without looking eighties) but here it works and compliments the glamourous outfits perfectly…Yip, might need to get myself some hot pink lippy I think.

Check out all the collection here, but these are some of my top picks from the show (although it’s all fabulous really!) Pictures taken from Fall 2013

Thanks for reading – next post will be from a hammock in Thailand. We leave tomorrow for five weeks of Thai adventures…drop me a line if you’ve got any tips for us!?

El Xx


Chocolate strawberriesWith only a few days until Valentines, many of us are wondering what on earth to buy our loved ones…! I know receiving an awesome present that you’ve been coveting is great, but how special is it when you get given something handmade….? When you know someone has gone to great lengths and taken time to create a gift, it just makes it all the more special. There are many of us, that despite feeling a little miffed if you don’t get given anything on Valentines, (that’s me) also believe that it’s really just another way for companies to encourage people to spend money on their loved ones; a money making operation (albeit with a nice message). So this year, I thought I would make my love a gift and in the name of blogging, I’m sharing it with you guys too!! :)

I thought I would make a massage oil with my own unique mix of essential oil scents, and some chocolate covered strawberries with a handmade card.

To make the ‘magic massage oil’ take an old glass jar, (don’t use plastic as the essential oils don’t keep well in plastic) and then mix half Olive Oil and half Baby Oil. I then used a mix of Ylang ylang and Bergamot essential oils to give the oil a sensual but fresh scent – approx. 10 drops of each should be plenty but this is relative to the scent you choose and how strong you want the oil to be scented…To make the bottle look pretty, I made a label out of an off-cut of fabric, some ribbon and some card….make yours look as unique as you like!! valentine layout

To make the chocolate covered strawberries you need a punnet of nice fresh strawberries, a bar of cooking chocolate, some 100′s and 1000′s sprinkles, (I found some heart shaped ones for extra valentines cheese as well as plain ones) tooth picks or skewers as I used, a double boiler (if you have one, or I just used two pots inside one another – one with hot water and the smaller one sitting inside it with the chocolate in it).

Get all your ingredients laid out – strawberries washed with a skewer inserted into each one through the green leaf end. Place a piece of tin foil onto the counter ready for the dipped strawberries to sit on whilst they set. Break up your chocolate into smallish pieces and put them into your double boiler, (or make shift double boiler as explained above) and let the chocolate melt slowly. Keep stirring the chocolate to encourage a nice smooth consistency. Once the chockie is ready, get dipping and then place the dipped strawberries onto the tin foil to set. They will need approx. 15-20 mins to dry and then I used some nice decorative Chinese bowls to display them in.

INGREDIENTS CONTSTRAWBERRIESTo put the whole present together, I found an old box (by chance it was red which tied in nicely) and I filled it with some red scented potpourri. I then placed the chocolate strawberries as well as the magic massage oil into the box. I handmade my valentine card to keep in theme with the home made gift…here’s to hoping my boyfriend is too busy to read my blog before valentines! :)   Magic massage oil finished gift Massage oilvalentines gift
Valentines gift



















Hope this inspires you to get your homemade gift on this week. Wishing you all a very happy Valentines day guys!

Thanks for reading,

El Xx


fresh ingredients Tonight we have some people coming over for a BBQ and a few drinks, (although believe it or not, I’m so off drinking at the moment that I think I’ll give the drinks bit a miss tonight!!) so I thought I would make this simple dimple Aubergine (Eggplant) dip to put out to snack on. You can serve this dip with any type of crackers or bread but I’m going to serve mine with tortilla wraps. I’ll cut the tortilla wraps into triangles and heat in the oven with a little olive oil and bbq rub sprinkled over the top to flavour – (these are not featured in the pics I’ve taken below, but I highly recommend them as they are so simple and they rock!) Once you’ve made seasoned tortilla wraps in the oven once, you’ll realise that they are a great accompaniment to all sorts of dips and salsas, and will be sure to make them again!

You will need for this recipe:

  • 2 large aubergines (or 5-6 small round ones as I’ve used here)
  • 1 Red onion
  • 1 whole bulb of garlic (or 7-8 cloves)
  • A bunch of fresh parsley
  • 3 table spoons of sour cream
  • 1 Lemon
  • 2 table spoons of Dukkah (alternatively you can use a pinch of paprika)
  • A glug of good quality olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste

ingredients finely sliced red onion and roughly chopped parsley red onion

cut aubergines length-ways pan fry outside




place into oven






Cut your aubergines in half length ways and pan fry them (skin side down) in a very hot pan or grill pan (if you have one), to char the outside of the aubergines…about 6-7 minutes should be enough (until they are a little black on the outside). After charring the aubergines, place them into a baking tray along with the cloves of garlic and a drizzle of olive oil. Place the tray into a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees for approx. 45 minutes (or until the aubergine and garlic is nice and soft).


Whilst the Aubergine and garlic are cooking, chop your red onion finely and your parsley roughly and place into a bowl. Once the aubergine and garlic are soft, take out of the oven and set aside to cool down.

cooked aubergine and garlic Once the aubergine and garlic are cool enough to man handle, scoop out the insides of both the aubergine and garlic cloves (throwing away the skin of both) and add this to the onion and parsley. Add 3 table spoons of sour cream, the juice of a lemon, some salt and pepper to season and optionally some dukkah to add a little kick (alternatively a little paprika will do a similar job and also decorates the top of the dip and bowl). Mix it all up or you can blast it around in a food processor for a minute.mix it all together

Serve the dip in a nice bowl with a glug of olive oil on top, a sprinkle of dukkah or paprika and a spring of parsley to decorate. Serve with warm seasoned tortilla triangles and enjoy!!Finished aubergine dip

Hope you enjoyed my recipe for an amazing aubergine dip!

Thanks for reading,

El Xx


SantoriniThe title of this post would imply this was a travel update from Santorini, but although I would most certainly love to see the beautiful island of Santorini at some point, this is in fact a post with some interior inspiration for you!!

I know it wasn’t too long ago that I styled a ‘Cobalt Blues’ inspired look on my blog, but the blue colour family have so many amazing hues that I find myself drawn to it once again here… The greek Island of Santorini must have shared my passion for Azure when they painted their houses in a strict white and blue colour scheme, which set against the deep azure of the sea makes for quite some scenery I’ve heard …. Some of my friends will tell you about the ongoing turquoise love I’ve had for many years – still obsessed with turquoise, much of my bedroom is filled with turquoise trinkets, cushions and pictures, but I have to say, at the moment it’s Azure and I can’t seem to get enough of it! It could well just be a temporary affair I’m having with bright blue, (and I’m sure there will be other colour schemes I’m later obsessed with) but I’m loving the fresh, vibrant look of bright blue against clean white.


The images I had in my mind when creating this interior look where of a beautiful light and open plan living room, which has either been blasted with one feature wall of Azure Blue, or for a more dramatic look, (and you will probably need a large enough living room for this) all the walls painted in Azure blue except the skirting and ceiling which is left white. The floors are dark wood with perhaps a white or pale cream rug thrown down for comfort. The furniture is mainly cream and white  including a great big slouchy couch. A feature velvet Azure chair or a pair of arm chairs covered in Azure printed fabric, break up the cream and white furniture and tie back in with the walls. A silver tray with a few vintage glass decanters make a bar feature on a side table. A pair of bold Cows skulls on the wall keep the look modern and slightly quirky. Blue accessories are the way to go if you don’t want to go over board on the blue furniture (Blue glassware, bowls, lamps etc). I’ve showcased some black and white bone inlay furniture again to keep the look modern and add another dimension, with a flash of black to the colour scheme.

Blue printed floral cushion, Blue velvet armchair, blue bowl, black and white side table and matching box all available here, Blue leather ottoman available here, Venetian Mirror available here, Painted cow skull made by artist Ben Walker and showcased here, Cobalt Blue lace painted glassware set available here, Glass decanters available here, Triple gourd cobalt blue table lamp available here, Blue glass wine decanter image taken from here, Blue and white Chinese Vase taken from here and Ornate metal blue cross available here 

I hope this Azure blue Interior layout has given you some inspiration for your homes!

Thanks for stopping by,

El Xx


Dream wardrobe Over the years, my friends and family have laughed and ridiculed me about my extreme compulsion with keeping my wardrobe neat and tidy (or as some like to say, ‘obsessively neat and tidy’)…but despite their jokes and jibes, it was always me they came to asking for help to sort out and clean up their wardrobes. I realised early on, this ability to organise my wardrobe and keep it organised is not a skill (or obsession) that everyone shares, but in fact this was a unique ability that I held. Granted, the skill of keeping your wardrobe tidy isn’t comparable with the skill of saving lives or curing diseases, but I have been asked countless times ‘how I manage to keep things so organised in my closet and what my system is?’ In todays post, I thought I would share some of the ways I organise my wardrobe and most importantly keep it organised!

As many of you who have been following my story and blog would know, I am currently living some-what of a ‘vagabond’ lifestyle using Malaysia as my base to travel from. With this in mind, I dream of one day having a beautiful walk-in wardrobe much like the one in the image above,  (image taken from but for the meantime, I have a very modest sized wardrobe and face the same issues as most people of trying to fit it all in and keep it tidy. I feel your pain on squeezing everything into a tight space, it can be tricky but the key to an ordered closet is having a system of where things go, knowing exactly where everything goes and keeping that system going, so that it doesn’t get out of control in there… Ok, these are my tips:


Now this is a blog post subject all by itself, but you really can not tackle organising your closet without having a bit of a clear out (or a big clear out in some cases). Being a fashion girl myself, I do own a lot of clothing and shoes and accessories and, and, and…but none-the-less, I try to have a big clear out at least every six to eight months. Key questions to ask yourself when clearing out is – when was the last time you wore it? Is it a piece you loved but is looking a little tired these days? Do you have ten more just like this one? Is it an item that you’ve always meant to get altered but never got around to doing? Is it a piece you like, but for some reason when you wear it you feel uncomfortable in (is it itchy or too tight)?

Once you have completed a thorough sort out, you should be left with a few piles – a pile of stuff you know you need to part with and can take to your local Salvation army store. A pile of stuff you think is probably too good to just give away, but you know you aren’t going to wear, which I suggest you either put on ebay to sell, have a garage sale or put on consignment in a local vintage store so that you can hopefully get a few $$ back for these items. A pile of stuff that you still don’t want to part with but it needs altering in some way before you will wear it – then make an appointment/commitment to go see your local tailor and get the alterations made so you can wear it!! And the rest of the stuff should be items you absolutely LOVE and can not wait to wear!! (if this is not the case, then it  sounds like you didn’t get rid of enough of your old stuff, or you desperately need to see an image consultant/stylist to get advise on clothes that WILL make you feel like wearing them! – email me if you need advise on this).


If you are like me and you own a lot of amazing clothing and you are struggling for space in your wardrobe, (even after a massive sort out), then you might want to consider sorting your clothes into seasonal categories. Put all your ‘out of season clothing’ into space conserving air-tight bags, with a few scented clothes airers thrown in to keep everything fresh and store them in your attic/basement/hidden-away-cupboard until you need to swap them over at the beginning of the new season. Suddenly with all your bulky jackets and jumpers or summer dresses and shorts out the way till they are needed, you have bought yourself even more space!


Now you are finally at the point where you can start to REALLY organise your clothing – start putting all your stuff into piles ordered by category. Your categories are really going to depend on how much stuff you have, and how much space you have to store it – For example, if you have a lot of clothing and a lot of space then you can afford to be more specific in your categorising (i.e Tops with short sleeves, tops for the gym, singlet tops, work tops, lounge-wear tops etc) but if you have less space you may only be able to create two categories – a pile for t-shirts and a pile for singlets.My t-shirts  Pants



Now that you have everything is piles ordered by category, you need to get it all folded or hung nice and neatly. Once again, this is a skill that I seem to been pretty good at and I’m not suggesting that everyone be as meticulous as I am at folding! The longer you spend on this bit the easier it will be to find things going forward and the better organised your wardrobe will be. Tips on folding: Always lie the item out on a flat surface to fold it. Try and keep all your tops folded at a similar size and if they are not a similar size, then stack your pile in size graduation (this helps to make it easy to find things later). Tips for hanging: Get some good hangers so things don’t keep falling off the hangers. If you can afford (space-wise) to hang one item per hanger then do so, so that you can find things easily later. Face all your hangers in the same direction so it’s easier to pull things out quickly.



As you did with your folded piles, make sure you hang up your clothing in order of category. Once again, space will determine how you categorise your hanging clothing, but I usually do mine; jackets into shirts, followed by dresses into skirts and then tops last. I also try to colour code within each category, (but I realise this is slightly obsessive behaviour and don’t suggest this is compulsory to keeping things organised – it does look nice though!)

My hanging clothing 6) FEATURE A FEW PIECES

If you have the space, I like to front hang a few pieces of clothing and accessories that I’m loving at the time. The whole point of keeping your wardrobe organised is so that when you go to get dressed each day, not only are you able to find things but that the process makes you feel good! I like to display a few pieces of clothing that I love as this helps me to feel inspired and excited about my wardrobe before I pick out my outfit for the day…make sure you keep rotating the display pieces though as you don’t want to get bored of looking at the items you once absolutely loved.


Shoes are one of those things that take up a surprising amount of space in your wardrobe. As you did with your clothing, I suggest you store away your out-of-season footwear and bring it out when needed. If you have the space to keep your shoes in shoe boxes, then I always suggest you do as it protects them from dust and mould but I also suggest you create labels for each box so that you quickly know which pair is in each box. I like to keep the pairs I wear most frequently in a cupboard near the front door, as it will only be a pain having to keep finding them in your closet when you know you wear the same few pairs for most general use occasions.


Now that all your wardrobe is ordered into categories, (and sub categories in some cases) you should have no trouble finding things and you should know where they go when you put them away, but wardrobes can quickly get messy again if you don’t put things away neatly. There is no quick remedy for this and you just need to put the time in to keep it organised, but I do suggest that if you are in a rush that you don’t attempt to stuff things away in your wardrobe or they will quickly ruin all the organising you have done! My suggestion is that you have a chair or clothes horse that you put clothes that need to be put away on and then in the evening, (or once a week if you’re a really busy bee) you take the time to put the accumulated items away again neatly…this is of course, not ideal but I suggest this to people who simply can’t put things away neatly straight after they have washed or tried them on…a little tip on keeping it all organised :)

I hope my tips help you take pride in your wardrobe as opposed to something you are ashamed of and are trying to hide away. When you get dressed in the morning and can find things easily and are inspired by the items you find in your closet, I guarantee it will start your day off on a refreshingly bright note!!

Thanks for reading,

El Xx


Arnhem Clothing With a plethora of amazing Australian designers and many up-and-coming ones to note, I was so inspired by the Fashion scene whilst back in Aus on this recent trip….so, with Australia Day celebrations just about recovered from, I thought today’s post would be in honour of some of the many Aussie Designers that I’m digging at the moment.

With a strong ‘beach culture’ and great weather much of the year around, it is by no means surprising that many Aussie designers seem to be inspired by the beach and the sunshine creating ’lifestyle’ brands that you could picture a bohemian goddess wearing…but the other noticeable theme amongst many Australian designers is their fearless use of bright and bold colours and prints….LOVE IT!!

I’ve taken images from labels including: Spell and Gypsy Collective, Camilla, Samantha Wills, Ixiah, Arnhem Clothing, Kissin Cussin and Tigerlily but the list of amazing Australian labels goes on to include; Zimmerman, Willow, Josh Goot, Lucette, Lilya, Bec and Bridge, Goddess of Babylon, Sass and Bide and many more!!

Hope this inspires you to check out some of the awesome labels Australia has to offer,

Thanks for reading,

El Xx

Australian Fashion Love  


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