IMG_0348Hello and welcome to my blog…my name is Elodie and I am the creator of ‘The little Nudist’.

After working in the Fashion industry for over ten years as a buyer and later as a boutique owner, I decided I needed a change and so I planned to go on an adventure with very little ‘plan’ in place.. this adventure led me to working on privately owned super yachts which subsequently started to lead me all over the world, exploring some of the most amazing countries. I then realised what a shame it would be not to document my adventures in some way….and so, ‘The Little Nudist’ was created in order to share the things that put the zest in my unconventional life, updated from around the world…I have since finished up working on super yachts and have dedicated this coming year to exploring the world and ticking off some of the things on my bucket list! I hope you enjoy following me on my adventures, my fashion loves, food, health and wellbeing inspirations.

Tid bits about me: I’m a nomad but a diehard homemaker simultaneously (go figure?) I love beautiful aesthetics and I have a storage garage, (for whilst I’m on my adventures) full of my treasured belongings. I absolutely love traveling and seeing the world – it makes me feel alive! I am by no means a chef, but I do love cooking and learning new recipes although I generally like to ad-hoc my concoctions. I like to stay fit and healthy and know I feel at my best when I’m not being lazy. A new addiction of mine – fresh coconuts (can’t get enough of them and so good for you too). I love watching the sun go down – I try to make time for this each and every day. I love painting – always have done since I was a young girl and followed this up by going to art school, so whenever I want to get into the ‘zone’ I like to paint. I am a goddess of sunshine, the beach and swimming in the ocean. When it is raining, I like to be having a cuddly, cosy lie in or lying in an undercover hammock watching it pour down (preferably in the tropics)… I’m terrible at finishing books!

Just a few tid bits about me, there’s much more :)

El Xx

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