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fresh ingredients Tonight we have some people coming over for a BBQ and a few drinks, (although believe it or not, I’m so off drinking at the moment that I think I’ll give the drinks bit a miss tonight!!) so I thought I would make this simple dimple Aubergine (Eggplant) dip to put out to snack on. You can serve this dip with any type of crackers or bread but I’m going to serve mine with tortilla wraps. I’ll cut the tortilla wraps into triangles and heat in the oven with a little olive oil and bbq rub sprinkled over the top to flavour – (these are not featured in the pics I’ve taken below, but I highly recommend them as they are so simple and they rock!) Once you’ve made seasoned tortilla wraps in the oven once, you’ll realise that they are a great accompaniment to all sorts of dips and salsas, and will be sure to make them again!

You will need for this recipe:

  • 2 large aubergines (or 5-6 small round ones as I’ve used here)
  • 1 Red onion
  • 1 whole bulb of garlic (or 7-8 cloves)
  • A bunch of fresh parsley
  • 3 table spoons of sour cream
  • 1 Lemon
  • 2 table spoons of Dukkah (alternatively you can use a pinch of paprika)
  • A glug of good quality olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste

ingredients finely sliced red onion and roughly chopped parsley red onion

cut aubergines length-ways pan fry outside




place into oven






Cut your aubergines in half length ways and pan fry them (skin side down) in a very hot pan or grill pan (if you have one), to char the outside of the aubergines…about 6-7 minutes should be enough (until they are a little black on the outside). After charring the aubergines, place them into a baking tray along with the cloves of garlic and a drizzle of olive oil. Place the tray into a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees for approx. 45 minutes (or until the aubergine and garlic is nice and soft).


Whilst the Aubergine and garlic are cooking, chop your red onion finely and your parsley roughly and place into a bowl. Once the aubergine and garlic are soft, take out of the oven and set aside to cool down.

cooked aubergine and garlic Once the aubergine and garlic are cool enough to man handle, scoop out the insides of both the aubergine and garlic cloves (throwing away the skin of both) and add this to the onion and parsley. Add 3 table spoons of sour cream, the juice of a lemon, some salt and pepper to season and optionally some dukkah to add a little kick (alternatively a little paprika will do a similar job and also decorates the top of the dip and bowl). Mix it all up or you can blast it around in a food processor for a minute.mix it all together

Serve the dip in a nice bowl with a glug of olive oil on top, a sprinkle of dukkah or paprika and a spring of parsley to decorate. Serve with warm seasoned tortilla triangles and enjoy!!Finished aubergine dip

Hope you enjoyed my recipe for an amazing aubergine dip!

Thanks for reading,

El Xx

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As I am currently in Malaysia, (which incidentally is the place I’m calling ‘home’ at the moment, whilst my boyfriend and I use this year to tick off some of our travel plans, Malaysia being our base for work) I find it hard not to be inspired by the fresh produce here…I’ve opted to support the local market that I recently discovered up the road for all the produce I can, and only run up to the big supermarket when really necessary. It always proves an interesting adventure visiting the local market here as I am some-what outnumbered by locals, and the blonde hair and white skin never seems to get old :)

Today I decided to make Mango Salsa as the mango’s looked too good to pass up, but I’m still wishing I’d also picked up one of those Watermelons to juice or something – that will have to be for another day!

There are, (I’m sure) a million recipes for Mango Salsa – but this is the one I like to use, and it always seems to go down quite well. You’ll need: 2 Mango’s, 1 Cucumber, 2 tomatoes, (cherry tomatoes work best but I didn’t have any) a bunch of fresh Coriander, a few red chillies, (depending on how much kick you want – I used 3 red chillies) a few limes to squeeze onto the salsa and salt and pepper to taste.

Chop your mango’s up into bite size chunks – as it’s quite tricky to cut a mango up neatly, (please feel free to let me know if anyone has any tricks to doing it neatly?) don’t worry about the chunks being uneven – keep the pieces rough and rustic as it will all come good once you get the other ingredients in. Chop your cucumbers up into small pieces (I like to peel my cucumbers as it reduces the bitter edge cucumbers sometimes have) and chop your tomatoes up – put all this into a bowl.

Pick a good handful of green, fresh looking coriander leaves from the stalks and chop roughly, (doesn’t need to be too fine) and then chop your red chillies finely – I like to de-seed the chillies as the seeds are often too hot to handle and whilst you want the salsa to be a little fiery, you don’t want it to be over bearing. Then mix them up into your bowl with the mango etc and dress with a few limes squeezed over and some salt and pepper to taste.

And that is it, a fresh, zesty salsa with a hint of chilly and obviously sweetness from the mango which is a great accompaniment to many meals. We’re going to have ours with BBQ chicken and steaks tonight, but you can serve it with prawns, octopus, a variety of fish, salads, crackers or, or, or…..just on it’s own!!

Thanks for reading,

El Xx

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